Neon with Rhino Render (v5)

There is a new ‘Real Time’ renderer on the scene for Rhino users called “Neon”. Click on the image above to download.

Neon is a particularly interesting tool for visualization because the feature sets change depending on what the active render engine in Rhino is set to. For instance, the two I’ve been using with it so far are the default Rhino Renderer in the v5 beta (used for the samples here) and Brazil. The latter has a massive amount of options where as the Rhino Renderer is fairly simple. Neon will use what it has available to it and simply pump the features set through a raytraced display mode. In the examples shown here, an HDRI was used in the environment as well as a couple rectangular lights and a single directional light. The materials are all based on the basic v5 Rhino material. Transparency with index of refraction (IOR), gloss color, emission color, bump mapping and procedural textures are all working in the current build.

After you install Neon, you’ll have a new display mode for activating it in the viewport. It’s all CPU based currently so a special GPU is not required. It’s a working mode too if you like but you may need to customize display settings like isocurve visibility and edge thickness to see what you’re doing.

Neon is also Free!!